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Our company has worked in the market of the construction of saunas and baths in Ukraine since 1998. The company specializes in the construction of saunas, baths, baths with a cast-iron vats, construction of bath complexes of any functionality. Our focus has moved into the mainstream of non-standard, complex and exclusive works on construction of baths, saunas, bath-houses with cast- iron vats and sauna complexes in recent years . We are working on the preparation of drawings and the planing of bath houses with entertaiments and bath with cast-iron vats. Our difference from competitors is an individual approach to each client and many years of experience in the construction of saunas, baths, bathhouses with cast-iron vats.
Bathing in a tub in Muscovy. Steam iron tub.

Hamam. Construction and assembly of the Turkish steam bath (hamam). Roman term.

The project hamam, sketches, Turkish bath, roman thermal baths.

Installing chan iron and design, zoning.

The project saunas, project baths. Lining of a waiting room. Wood heated sauna. Sauna on firewood.

The design of the installation and operation chan

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[Technology like Hell but Heaven. Ukrainian bath. Bath iron tub.]
You swim in the iron pot with water, which is heated by a fireplace. The boiler from pig-iron - on a live fire with firewood and someone throws up in the fire of the wood. Nearby, close a couple of sweating bodies, similar and close to you lucky people, just like you. But no, you are not in hell, you're bathing th arrived and in the Bath with a cast iron tub. more
[Design and build a bath with a cast iron tub. How to do this?]
In this article we would like to tell you about how best of all, from our experience, to build correctly with a cast-iron bath tub. 1. It should be contacted with a specialist who knows and had repeatedly experience in the installation of such iron tanks with a bath appointment. The expert should know the heating business, be able to work with refractory material and refractory compounds (clay refractory - chamotte, cables fire-resistant, know the clutch of refractory materials and many other things). more
[Who in the bath with a cast-iron-chan, you can steam? Universal steam room for all. Bath in a tub.]
Bath iron vat does not allow us to simply sit, drink vodka and have fun with friends or the opposite sex, as usual sauna or steam bath. She expensive, exotic for the adoption of the standard, in her way and you would like to enjoy nature, to look at the clouds, which occur in the sky, but pine trees standing next. In the tub iron and just want to get the procedure healing and rejuvenation. more
Sauna on Osokorky. Simple sauna. The project of the sauna. The design of the sauna.
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