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About Us
We are always glad to help you and provide the following services:

- individual project construction, saunas, baths, basins and the furnace of Russian classical on the wood, by the customer;

- delivery and installation of the equipment for construction, baths, saunas, ovens, Russian classical wood, chan;

- all types of construction and finishing works connected with installation of a sauna, a steam bath, chan and Russian oven classic wood-burning;

- reconstruction of any pair of the room;

- to carry out starting-up and adjustment works of individual elements and of all the equipment pair of the room in the complex;

- preparation of technical documentation for the construction of baths, saunas, chan and furnace classical Russian wood, operation and maintenance;

- after- sales and warranty service of the vats, bath, sauna, Russian stove with firewood;

- consulting services to clients.

Our division: "Helping people to help themselves". We are always open to dialogue. Strive to provide a potential customer all works "on a turn-key basis", which may be associated with designing, installation, lobo construction of a pair of the room (sauna, steam bath, furnace Russian wood). Especially love the work, which force to think and do not standard, exclusive product. But treat every client equally and each person is important to us.

Please, will be pleased to assist you in solution of issues connected with парилками.
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