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Technology like Hell but Heaven. Ukrainian bath. Bath iron tub.
You swim in the iron pot with water, which is heated by a fireplace. The boiler from pig-iron - on a live fire with firewood and someone throws up in the fire of the wood. Nearby, close a couple of sweating bodies, similar and close to you lucky people, just like you. But no, you are not in hell, you're bathing th arrived and in the Bath with a cast iron tub.

In these small transcarpathian villages has a tradition of taking baths of cast iron by the fireplace, for the body is as therapeutic cast iron bathtub, in a vat of cast iron, греющихся people in the water and at the stake, they say that originated the bath procedure is still somewhere in the 17TH century. From that very hour they then began to equip up from under the earth's mineral springs for a more comfortable reception hydrosulphuric baths of cast iron. IN the 18TH century, mineral water treatment Свалявщины has received such popularity in the neighboring states that Лумшоры received the status of a resort.

During the SOVIET workers and peasants had no time to take such cast-iron baths, bath in the tub iron - for bathing have a shower, and a cast-iron channaya tradition was interrupted. However, with the collapse of the USSR and the Ukrainian economy, ukrainians remembered about glory Bath in cast iron tub and revived the local exotics on the old place and celebrity.

And now along the roads, now here, now there are wooden houses with the inscription "back" or a Bath in a cast iron tub. Tanks can be of different sizes and capacity ranging from 3 to 10 people : less than for 4 people, and more - the man on 5-8; you can just steam, and in the ordinary water with the addition of tea from mountain grasses, and some hosts offer hot bathing in mos cast-iron bathtubs, we must remember that this procedure is therapeutic, but she, with a specific smell. But the main task of all the baths with a cast-iron-chan is the fact that out of hot water (+35 - + 40) often need to bathe directly in cold water (the handle, the hole, the baptismal font, a bucket of a large waterfall, etc.) - for hardening of the organism and that it is not overheated.

Many of the places with baths with a cast iron tub equipped with the right along the mountain rivers or lakes, a large part has a level mounding in the form of simple wooden houses.

Here's how the чанные baths: bottom of the fire, the top - taps with cold water for setting the desired temperature, at the bottom of the tub lie flat river stones in order not to burn, so that the hot cast-iron pot's bottom, vat not burned buttocks.

Have vats small, ...

and there are large, and yes even with a swimming pool near.

The procedure is this: разогреваешься 15 minutes in the water with a temperature of 36-40 degrees, and then, driven by the cries of joy of all present, you in the mountain river, if it is present.

Cries at the 200n are very helpful - especially if at the courtyard of the winter and the temperature of the air is a little less than zero.

From the river you need to return again in a hot bath, without any slowdowns. And there then comes the pleasure. With the cold air and cold water you quickly descend into the hot water and you like a million needles pierce on the skin...this is called tempered the body. After such a procedure, even hour, how are you born again. Your skin elastic and fragrant, a state of relaxation you absorbs, but you're still ready to active actions. The effect of the bath in the tub iron is simply amazing, it is not like all the other bath...a slight resemblance is with the Japanese ofuro, but there's a wild steam room, and it must be taken with cold water and more actively than the japanese.

To restart the "income to the condition" should be less time - and again in cold water.

After several such procedures you know that you've been so warmly, that sit on the air quite comfortable.
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