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Alma-ata bath
Alma-ata bath

Alma-ata bath has several swimming facilities with different temperature of the air. The room from the outside and from the inside is decorated in oriental style, with a magnificent bright ornament on the walls and quaint molding on the ceilings of the interior. Huge room for the front door by marble tiles, marble-sun beds, full of услаждающими hearing the songs and melodies in the performance of well-known performers on national instruments.

Here you will be offered before the beginning of session at the beginning soak in the centre of the hall on a huge "patch" - marble суфе (the place where the country), which rises above the floor by about 40 to 50 cm. Here you can take the sheet and comfortable in her wrapped, to feel the warmth of the heated to 40 DEGREES stone суфы. High above her, on the ceiling, rises the blinding whiteness of the dome, through a huge glass hole which shows the blue cloudless sky. Its contemplation for a long relaxing, many quickly relieves nervous tension. For 20 min. stay on суфе can be a good warm up the most prone to exchange and catarrhal diseases of joints, hip, the knee, the shoulder, the skin is covered with sweat and comes time to bathe. Bath room is deprived of the sweltering humidity due to the fine-air and exhaust ventilation. In all rooms the bath there are souls, the temperature of the air is different. After a shower, you can relax in the niche of pink marble, and with the same vault. The temperature of the marble суфы already about 50 "s, so 10-15 min. your body once again covered with sweat. Ends the second stage of the bathhouse procedures in alma-атински too shower. The third stage of evaporation is also linked с.возлежанием on суфе, the stone which is warm even more - up to 70 C. The duration of the procedure - up to 15 min. Temperature leads to a permanent change of position. Body finally warmed up and sweating, though not so abundant - the first two суфы had already been taken away from him a portion of the moisture. And again shower and a feeling of an extraordinary lightness of the body, cheerfulness, which often causes the desire to have another go in a circle.

After the bath to services of visitors a massage room with experienced masseurs. According to the custom of the eastern baths after a deep warming up in the hot суфах visitor can take the east "power massage" (with the active разминанием muscles and joints). To do this, in the hall there is a special massage niche with a temperature of up to 45 ". Actions of "eastern "masseur very skillful. At first he performs 2 - 3 swat squeezing on his back, then deep kneading the muscles along the spine. Fingertips masseur runs through the spinal column, back, shoulder joints, neck, at the same time intensifying the pressure on the muscles of the elbow. And so several times on the back along the spine of the up-and-down, up-and-down. Gradually masseur let the matter is not only hands, but also accepted deeply massaging the muscles of the back of the heel of the foot, tenacious grip turns up the hand, the foot, trying to get plenty of exercise is warmed joints. Massage becomes so intense that a novice can get the impression that the good of all of this is over and at least dislocations of joints him are provided. Fears swimming end of a feeling of extraordinary flexibility, harmony of body and прямизны of the spine. After the massage you in alma-ata bath subjected to a bracing contrast pouring is very hot, then cold and again hot water, wash the head soap and aromatic infusions, strengthens hair and make them shiny, completing all hot shower, fresh sheets and stay in the locker room with a famous green tea or with the fresh cool mare's milk. After such procedures begin to better understand the secrets of famous eastern healers and the depth of their traditional art treatment and rehabilitation in the bath.
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