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Alpine sauna
Alpine sauna

   Most commonly used medicinal herbs in the steam bath and the sauna in the Alps, from thence, and came to us this fashion. Cosmetologists have noticed the medicinal effect of the cleanest on the ecology of alpine herbs, which contain many essential oils on the skin. If regulate the constituent parts of the herbal mixtures can be achieved interesting cosmetic effects. For example, arnika has a powerful regenerating properties, because of his unique vitamin and mineral composition. Heather has a refreshing effect and improves the elasticity of the skin. Sedative substances, which are in thyme, eliminate oedema and contribute positively to the soothing action.

In former times alpine hay farmers brought in baskets (kraxe), they were placed in the niche of the furnace, with the warmed up back outgoing fragrant warmth. Today, alpine sauna is the system of KRAXEN (oven), which has a view of the cab in a country house style, with steam generator, heating seat, and from the top consisting of ash. Dimensions of single cabins - 57 X 104 X 190.5 cm, at wish of the customer's dimensions pair of the room can be any.

In the steam room KRAXEN uses only the body. Steam in the steam bath has no effect on his head, he is served at the middle part of the body. Alpine hay lies in a niche of the stove for a special lattice and with the back does not come in contact. You can sit down and easier, if you use the hay pillow.

Stove KRAXEN is included from the leds and the length of the procedure depends on the willingness of those who filed. Hay in a container loaded once a day, and it is enough for several people.

Alpine bath is better not to put in one row with the most standard ways to relax, but use it as a rejuvenating procedures must be"unconditionally. You can see that to be a problem to get this alpine hay, however, these herbal formulations have long supplied with the equipment.

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