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Bath in yurts
Tas булау, or WITH light steam! In Almaty region, reviving the traditions of the scythian baths

02.04.2009 09:21

In contrast to the ancestors, which staged the bath in the tents, modern ardent supporters of the revival of traditions organized a steam room in the yurt. In fact, four of the yurta can hardly be called a full-fledged sauna complex. This is only the beginning of a new project. For today the boss of it all ethnic splendor Ахметбек sees in the list of their main objectives is not only the cultivation directly scythian traditions, but also to the maximum ecologically pure relaxation.

As mentioned earlier, the whole complex is a four-yurt. The one is located directly steam bath, in the other bedroom is equipped with a kind of dressing room, in the third guests are treated to, and, finally, in the fourth constantly lives staff. Here you will be given a bathrobe, felt hat, in order to protect the head in the steam room, and bedroom slippers. In the middle of the yurt-a sweating room is a large cast-iron stove, on top of a pile of paved with stones. Along the walls of the yurta - wooden benches. Near each there is a wooden bucket of boiling water and healing herbs. It must be lower legs, to enhance the therapeutic effect of the pair. And if the feet do not move, it is quite tolerant. Brooms for any taste. Us with the friend is more to my liking fell fir. As it was explained to us regulars, whip broom need not rude, but vigorously. Start with the feet, in particular with heels. When lying on his back, the hands should be raised up. By the way, in the steam room in general it is better to lie, especially for beginners. Then the heat is distributed to the body evenly, without sharp edges. When at one point inveterate парильщики male too overzealous in плескании on the stones and the temperature inside was simply unbearable, we with the girlfriend in the pace rushed out, afraid to breathe in the hot air. It turned out, and here made a mistake. Go had to slowly, slightly bent forward. In spite of the nervous самопрогнозам, no burns of the upper respiratory tract was not a trace. On the contrary, it seemed that the lungs with pleasure got rid of plaque urban emissions, breathing surprisingly easy.

While customers are only friends or friends of friends - in a word, the information people receive from someone else. According to Ахметбека, the first such a bath, he organized in 1997. However, then, according to the customs of the ancient scythians steam room was in the tent.
"I've heard about such a bath, but not studied thoroughly, "says Ahmed. - Then already read that later they began to do in yurts. So I decided to improve tas булау (literally "the stones of + couples"). However, not immediately began to imagine how it can be. Taught me a friend, former akim of one of the districts. He, in turn, seen in Siberia.

In the opinion of the Ахметбека, old scythian way inconvenient fact that the heat must be a very long time before the stones will warm up to the desired temperature. In addition, between the stones and on top of accumulated ash. And when the stones poured water, ashes rises. So Ахметбек adapted for incandescent rocks kind of the stove, and the heating is already at the bottom. On top of the stones put a healing herb, Ахметбек prefers thyme and mint.
"This is the most useful and aromatic herbs, "he explained their preferences. - But in fact the grass, you can use any. A matter of taste. In addition steaming get a kind of inhalation, easy to be cleaned.

Uncle Ахметбека, brother of his father, he was a witness, as adopted such baths in the beginning of the last century. However, with the disappearance of the nomadic tradition was lost. Just the need for such a pair disappeared. What is the advantage of saki baths in front of others?
- Firstly, mobility, "explains Ахметбек. - It can be assembled quickly and anywhere. Secondly, in the usual bath stove arrange aromatherapy herbal almost impossible. And, thirdly, in the ordinary pair premises of oxygen quickly burns out and it becomes difficult to breathe. In a yurt air constantly, to breathe very easy. After a bath immediately go on the air.

Near the yurt-the steam bath is located original structure. The high wooden bar hang a few wooden buckets, each hanging down the rope. From the hose to the extent of the devastation buckets filled with cold artesian water (as you probably guessed, too, medical). Yes, this is such showers. Coming out of the sauna, get up under the tub, you pull the rope, and you окатывает of ice water.

"I talked to the doctors, "continues Ахметбек. "They say that dive in cold water immediately after the steam can be dangerous for the heart. And that's shed from the top much more useful.

In order to feel like a newborn, but not emaciated, grabs one hour. However, only a bath leisure here is not limited. As mentioned earlier, the principle of Ахметбека - ecologically pure relaxation and complete clearance. In the first place - no alcohol. It is taboo. It offers a taste of fresh kumys and shubat. The table with the drinks communication: you can play the dombra, sing, for I remember my life to talk to. Crockery for sour-milk panaceas of the majority of diseases is made of wood, manually, with observance of traditions. It is worth noting that, and the spoons, and the bowls, and especially the bucket for bottling beverages may well claim the status of works of art. It is also worth noting that the tent, and all the interior decoration is made manually, also taking into account all known traditions of the craft. The peak of the program can be considered a dairy of lamb with his singed the skin, boiled in a period of 4 hours on low living fire. In addition to the crown dish of the dastarkhan affects a number of other national delicacies, prepared according to traditional recipes, mainly from dairy products, and melting in the mouth баурсаками. The feeling of filling of the body clean environment complements the location of the complex is quite far from the highway - no noise, no exhaust fumes.

"You see, the real patriotism starts with the knowledge of his own sources, "says Ахметбек. In particular, it is possible not only to get acquainted with the traditions and feel within them in practice. Patriotism must work to educate.

A bit of history. Scythian (sak) , baths in its time was highly appreciated the ancient Greek scientist Herodotus. It is because of his work in the other part of the world first learned about the asian miracle of the period 5TH-1ST century bc. Here's what he wrote the famous Greek: "They (scythians) quite often arranged a kind of touring the bath, which was sanitary, medical and cosmetic procedure, and just a form of relaxation and recreation. They knitted together a couple of poles, covered with felt, and inside this hut made of metal vessel with hot stones. On the stones of the scythians throwing hemp seed, from which immediately began rising fragrant steam. Inside the hut, a man not only sweated a lot, but and inhaled the rich curative the fumes of the air". Herodotus enthusiastically said: "No hellenic bath can not be compared with the scythian bath. The scythians enjoy it"...

For the sake of justice it is worth noting that the outcry Ахметбека about the ignorance of our history, of their own ancestors are not groundless. For example, for a friend of mine at all, it was the discovery that the ancient nomads washed in a bath-house, she sincerely believed that they did it in the rain. My knowledge on the topic of health of the ancient were also very scarce, more on the level of vague guesses. Meanwhile, "scythian women, in addition, before the bath rubbing the rough stone pieces of bark and pine, cedar, cypress, and other aromatic plants. In this mixture is poured water so as to form a thick paste with a very pleasant smell. According to Herodotus, the mixture is rubbed on the body. When the washed her, it was clean and bright...".

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