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Who in the bath with a cast-iron-chan, you can steam? Universal steam room for all. Bath in a tub.
In the bath with a cast-iron-chan, you can steam definitely more people, than in the classical bath.

There are no big temperature changes, the bath consists of hot and cold water and you're like "обезъянка", which is cooked, jump in the hot, then cold fonts.

This procedure is very good temper the organism and does not give him a greater psychological and physical from the point of view of medicine loads. Bath iron tub - it is more soft and warm procedures, than a classic bath.

Bath iron vat does not allow us to simply sit, drink vodka and have fun with friends or the opposite sex, as usual sauna or steam bath. She expensive, exotic for the adoption of the standard, in her way and you would like to enjoy nature, to look at the clouds, which occur in the sky, but pine trees standing next. In the tub iron and just want to get the procedure healing and rejuvenation.

Sensations, after the adoption of the bath with a cast iron tub, do not forget!
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