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Sanarium. German and european steam room.

Sanarium, a sauna, it combines lightweight heat of the Finnish sauna and the cleansing steam humidity, which makes the feeling as if You are arriving in a tropical forest. It is characterized by the more easy for perception of the temperature regime and not so much humidity as Russian bath and compared with Finnish sauna and steam bath, create a unique relaxing and comfortable atmosphere in double room. The temperature in the steam room of 45 degrees to 60 degrees C celsius, with humidity from 20 to 55% are in the highest degree the благополусное effect on blood circulation, therefore stay in санариуме can last up to 30 minutes.

Arrival in санариуме leads to a successful change of functional state of organs and systems of the body, improve metabolism, toxins, contributes to the development of protective and compensatory mechanisms. All this is happening due to the favorable impact of heat and sweating on the cardiovascular, circulatory, respiratory, терморегулирующую and endocrine systems in most people. Calms down the nervous system, restores the forces, gently warm up the muscles and internal organs.

Walk in sanarium can even people with high blood pressure, but only after consultation with a physician. Even more, studies have shown that walking in sanarium helps to reduce pressure, improvement of peripheral blood circulation (blood supply to the extremities), helps with sleep disorders, and greatly improves the quality of life.

In санариуме can be used herbal extracts or aromatic oils, but they will be able to create more evaporation of high-value medicinal substances, for the treatment of various diseases. Also sanarium gives the opportunity for individual choice of colour, the intensity of light, smell and background music. By choosing a certain color and flavor, you can get or relaxation, or, on the contrary, tonification of the organism, to improve the mental and physical condition, to find spiritual comfort. Installed sound - soothing music and the sounds of nature, harmonizes the energy-information processes, promotes relaxation and pleasant complements the rest.

Using in its saunas device Sanarium with the function of SaunaPur, the firm Klafs offers the pleasures of the sea in the sauna with 5 climatic zones:
Classic sauna
Tropical bath
Steam bath with soft steam
Aroma bath
Bathing in the warm air.
You can choose between a high temperature with little humidity and low temperature, at high humidity. The Fact. Anyone who wishes to particularly intense пропотеть, we recommend our tropical bath TROPENBAD with high humidity of up to 72 g/m3 and temperature up to 75 degrees. Or you like more temperate climate? Then take a soft steam bath SOFT-DAMPF-BAD.
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