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The Georgian bath
The Georgian bath

The place where is Georgia in the days of the ancient state of Urartu baths were erected on the hot springs, and in them was a natural pairs. Attraction of Tbilisi ("warm city") is the presence of sulphur thermal baths. All, who would not come in Tbilisi, wanted, and visited them. Among the guests of the Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin, he was once described in detail the ritual bath in the bath.

"Of persia brought me to the bath: hot, железосерный source blended in pretty deep vessel, whipped in the rock. I never saw there was nothing luxurious Tiflis baths. Georgian baths are not as well known, in contrast to the japanese ofuro bath, which is known almost all over will try to describe the details of their.

The master left me on the "torn apart" Tatar-банщику. I must say that he had no nose; but this defect has not prevented him to be master of his case. Ghassan (the so-called безносого Tatar) all began with a single moment, that put me on a warm floor of stone, after which began to "break" me all the limbs, pulling joints, beat me with his strong fists; but I didn't feel no pain, and an amazing relief. (Asian bathhouse attendants can come in delight, spring you on the shoulders, sliding his feet on the hips and may in addition to dance. After all this, rubbed my back шерстяною glove and, much оплескав water, and began to wash the намыленным linen bubble. The feeling is that not a word to say, nor pen describe: hot soap sprays you, as the air! A woolen mitten and linen bubble, so it seems to me, should be taken in a Russian bath: professionals баньщики will be grateful for this new trend.

After bladder Ghassan let me go into the bath; and that was the end procedure, mountain water from thermal springs flowed in Georgian bath for pipes made of ceramics. The water filled marble basins, which are under the domed roof and through it the same in the room penetrated the soft light. Baths were in гратах, lit by torches. Georgians made the invitation in the sauna for their guests, arranged holidays there, sang in a lot of votes long, sad songs. In ancient times, the Georgian bath worked around the clock, many people were in the bath a day. Women often went to the bath, so smelt very sweet of health, beauty and for a long time remained attractive.

Reconstructed according to old traditions, tbilisi sulphur thermal baths before our time is quite successfully used for bathing, recreation and treatment of various diseases and attract tourists.
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