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Colombian steam room
Colombian steam room

Colombian steam room - this spacious bath complex with a separate set of services, which entered into tradition in Colombia. This праноя is not a steam room, as we used to, and probably all the same club.

Firstly, before you go to the steam room, bathers with offer to do exercises on the Swedish side, a bar, special training machines.

The next hall is filled with a variety of "crafty" smart devices for massage. New - vibration massage couch, arranged so that different parts of the body массировались on it all together. And for each part of the body, the oscillation frequency was not the same.
Next come the showers.

Pair the premises consists of four rooms. In the first rest, drink soft drinks, coffee, read the latest magazines, play chess.
It's not hot here.
In the second the temperature of the air is heated to 70 C.
If парильщику is not enough such a temperature, it goes into the next room, where the temperature of the heated to 90 DEGREES.
If this temperature is not enough, you can pass in a pair room, where the temperature is typed on request парильщика.

Location парильных room with a gradual increase of the temperature of this right on the physiology of the human. The organism perceives the impact of high temperature gradually. And it gives the opportunity to gradually include a system of thermoregulation. The floors of all pairs of flats tiled and hot, barefoot and you can get burnt, so they covered wooden bars.

The hot dry air in парильные room passes through the pipes, the temperature in them adheres to a constant.

However, the colombian bath service will be impressed by our people, but they can surprise anyone of Russian (Ukrainian) endurance and the familiarity of банному to a couple, and, in addition, be able to show the high art of massage bath.
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