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Mexican steam room
Mexican steam room

Traditional mexican bath is темаскаль. Even before the conquest as the place of atonement and the home of the clinic темаскаль were мапотеки, the aztecs, maya and mixtec. In the mexican bath could even take delivery, did the tests of maturity, conducted the funeral rites and many other rituals of the tribe.
The word "темаскаль" in translation from the local language of the population nahuatl means "house of the hot stones". Like the structure of brick round or rectangular form with vaulted roofs. It was there that are burning hot volcanic stones to red, to effect a couple of them poured tea from a variety of herbs eucalyptus, mint, and others.
As a therapeutic agent темаскаль used in a variety of disorders, including in disorders of the gastro-intestinal tract and the presence of fever. Темаскаль is the best help in cases of poisoning from stings or bites of poisonous insects and animals. Mexican banya is one of the most powerful tonics to improve mood and lift the spirit. Темаскаль great helps with rheumatism.

With plenty sweating of the patient, it is recommended to lift it to the positive effect of the increase perspiration. When a man comes into the bath, he first enters the темескаль bedding, then a pitcher of water and a huge bunch of medicinal herbs. In the furnace kindle the fire, and his support up to the point until накалятся well stones. Patient person, who is going to steam, comes inside, along with a healthy member of the family. When closing the doors, on the hot stones pour a lot of water, as a result of rises thick steam, which a healthy person sends down and gently begin to lash the patient broom made from medicinal or ritual herbs. Diseased person begins to perspire profusely for, then produce steam, the patient is washed with cold water and move into the house.

The Monks of Spain considered unacceptable joint bathing women and men, and they sought to eradicate these traditions. However, they did not succeed, темаскаль exist in our days, and in some mexican regions and is now used mainly for medicinal purposes, for bathing, for rehabilitation after birth activity. There, where the indians live, темаскаль is a common phenomenon. As the mexican bath is part of the spiritual heritage of the country, on the date of the ancient religious rituals темаскаля trying to revive.
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