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Design and build a bath with a cast iron tub. How to do this?
In this article we would like to tell you about how best of all, from our experience, to build correctly with a cast-iron bath tub.

1. It should be contacted with a specialist who knows and had repeatedly experience in the installation of such iron tanks with a bath appointment. The expert should know the heating business, be able to work with refractory material and refractory compounds (clay refractory - chamotte, cables fire-resistant, know the clutch of refractory materials and many other things).

2. The professional of the business, a stove-maker or foreman, will travel to your area and conduct a survey of the territory, where it will be installed with a cast-iron bath tub to clarify the following questions:

- The binding to the countryside, to the objects.

- The study of the soil.

- The wishes of a customer and view that is already in existence (the water connection, fence, arbor, pool or pond, etc.).

- Removal of the territory provided by the Customer for the construction of the steam room with a cast iron tub.

- Communication with the client and the selection of, from the already made works, the one that will appeal to the indicative sample.

3. Drawing a sketch of the parts with reference to the areas of your future with a cast-iron bath tub. Preliminary drawing on the approval is issued by the customer in electronic form for approval. After the confirmation of the sketches and preliminary drawing is done Preliminary estimate with accuracy of 10-15%.

4. The signing of the treaty. For a prepayment.

5. Order chan cast-iron in the workplace. Preparation of working drawings for installation bath with tub iron.

6. Delivery of fireproof and building materials to the object with the workers.

7. Within 30 working days is standard product for the working part of the bath with tub iron. Have in mind under the standard product under the chiang cast-iron size 2000х700х40 laid out the oven of refractory, is the chimney with гильзовкой, connecting the furnace to the chimney and installed, if any, chan cast iron with insulating разделками.

8. Starting Bath with tub made of cast iron in the work.

Facing all work can be done any общестроителями, as well as extensions to vat.

Best of all refer to the company, which has a data specialists, there is a long-term experience, portfolio to tens-hundreds of works, the presence of the office in which you will be able to, in which case the request again, printing to the signing of the contract, the license for the data of the construction works, accounting for a transaction be made by wire transfer, etc. The organization will give you a warranty on their work from 1 to 3 years.
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