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Sand bath
Sand bath

May be, someone all of this may seem surprising, the sand as it turned out, too, has its healing properties. These are based on the large heat capacity and not very big thermal conductivity. Sand baths posti so much "the same years, how many years of human culture. In the sand baths went and the ancient egyptians and ancient greeks, and romans.

The best place for the reception of sand bath - sandy beach (better - on the shores of the azure бережка sea; so fit and the shore of the lake,bank of the river), although you can organize yourself a bath and on the dacha, and even in the home environment, you should barely make more sand and find a way to warm him. The best time for a procedure - sunny afternoon and even a couple of hours after noon. For two-three hours -the warm sun sand on the beach deep enough heat, and the surface layer is often so hot, that on him, and it is not possible bare foot (in the countries of the SOUTH on this warm in the sun sand can be for half an hour to make the egg into the "cool").

The very Mother Nature creates unique conditions for the reception of the original, necessary procedures: the sand deep heat, long kept warm; in addition, has a remarkable-friable, a well adjacent to the body; another important feature of the sand, on which simply can not say, is his ability to suck the liquid; thanks to high water absorption, through the sand easily flows sweat, and the person who receives the procedure in the sand, can secrete sweat without any restrictions. Made of sand bath as follows... In the beginning of the selected appropriate, preferably a lonely place.

The sand there should be a small and clean (without stones, clay, without impurities, sludge and algae, and, especially, without the "bulls" and debris- which, alas, often have a place in the crowded beaches in recreational areas). Psole what in the sand is excavated deepening; the length of it should be a man's height, and the width and depth of about half a meter. For two-three hours of sunlight good прогреют the bottom and the walls of this deepening.
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