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Technology like Hell but Heaven. Ukrainian bath. Bath iron tub.
You swim in the iron pot with water, which is heated by a fireplace. The boiler from pig-iron - on a live fire with firewood and someone throws up in the fire of the wood. Nearby, close a couple of sweating bodies, similar and close to you lucky people, just like you. But no, you are not in hell, you're bathing th arrived and in the Bath with a cast iron tub. подробнее
Design and build a bath with a cast iron tub. How to do this?
In this article we would like to tell you about how best of all, from our experience, to build correctly with a cast-iron bath tub. 1. It should be contacted with a specialist who knows and had repeatedly experience in the installation of such iron tanks with a bath appointment. The expert should know the heating business, be able to work with refractory material and refractory compounds (clay refractory - chamotte, cables fire-resistant, know the clutch of refractory materials and many other things). подробнее
Who in the bath with a cast-iron-chan, you can steam? Universal steam room for all. Bath in a tub.
Bath iron vat does not allow us to simply sit, drink vodka and have fun with friends or the opposite sex, as usual sauna or steam bath. She expensive, exotic for the adoption of the standard, in her way and you would like to enjoy nature, to look at the clouds, which occur in the sky, but pine trees standing next. In the tub iron and just want to get the procedure healing and rejuvenation. подробнее
A steam bath in a Tub of cast iron, doctor's opinion.
At the same time its effect on the human body has a number of peculiarities and differences. Therefore, the procedure in the tub iron takes from 1-2 up to 4-5 hours, the water temperature 35-45 degrees, the water can be spring, mineral or containing decoctions of herbs for the vat of cast iron. Additional effect of the stones covering the bottom of the vats of cast iron and natural resources of the open areas, as well as a variable immersion in a source or a tank with cold water. подробнее
Bath iron tub. Steam room in Ukrainian.
If we compare the bath in cast iron tub with Russian classical bath, they are very different too, due to the fact that in the bath classical we any procedures steam, and студимся cold water...then everything happens in the water...therefore you faster parishsya on time... подробнее
How to steam in a tub iron. Bath - cast-iron boiler
Such a novelty in the world of soaring appeared cast-iron back or bath in cast iron tub. Originally it all go from the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine. This type of soaring interesting and new for the average person...some have tried, and some have heard...but really feel the charms of the unit. To understand this type of soaring necessary, for what he needed, what he gives to the body and what useful function carries in itself, for this it is necessary at least five times to visit and take a steam bath in the bath with a cast iron tub. подробнее
The design of the steam room. The design of the sauna. The design of the bath. The design of the bath with tub iron.
The design of the steam we can recommend themselves, but as is often the case, the customer their views in 90% of cases there is, and he loves to make its own corrections in the design of a pair of the room. We never insist on the layout or design of steam, but always recommend and... подробнее
Bath under the open sky. Bath in a tub iron.
In chun iron can also be arrange and phyto procedures. Soaring iron vat, transcarpathian, the bath will give your body a lot more feelings than with a traditional bath. подробнее
What kind of bath, sauna place in the country. How to choose the right material for the bath, the sauna in the cottage.
We should also take note that in addition to comfort and coziness in the sauna and steam bath, which will deliver a visit to the steam bath and the sauna, all depends on how you built a sauna and steam room, depend health and... подробнее
Cast-iron kettle. Abbreviated business plan for the application of the vat for commercial purposes.
Cast-iron kettle. Abbreviated business plan for the application of the vat for commercial purposes. Chan made of cast iron, bath, sauna, Russian bath подробнее
How to mount and install a cast-iron back with our help
Our company in the market of Ukraine is one of the few who provide services for the construction of fireplaces, barbecue grills, ovens, bath-houses and other objects connected with living fire. For the period from 1998 to the present moment, we have implemented several hundreds of objects. Accumulated rich experience and adopted the tradition of the old school pechnikov and fireplace masters. Carefully watch the world novelties in the development of refractory materials, heat-resistant glues, теплоизоляторов and technologies associated with their use. подробнее
How to build a bath with a cast iron tub
t is a novelty in the world of bath procedures - steamed in tanks with mineral water. A completely new direction, which originated in Western Ukraine. This procedure is a large cast-iron back to 2-2,5 thousand litres of water which is heated by an open fire - fire. The design is at first glance a simple, cast-iron back, fire, water and all that. подробнее
Boiling in the Tub
From the very beginning, it seems that this method is simple and primitive. Well, what can there be new. The same can be done at home in the bathroom. Poured hot water, and lie down, gray your favorite body. Here, the same thing, but the capacity is filled with cold water and under it shall put away the fire. That barbaric as it is. And what could be fun? On the street, over the fire? подробнее
Sauna with a wood burning heater. Sauna with the unit. Сонариум. Comparative table of saunas on the technical characteristics.
Sauna with a wood burning heater. Sauna with electric stove. Sanarium. Comparative table of saunas on the technical characteristics. подробнее
Steam Room
Bath "on-black". Bath "-white" periodic action. Bath "-white" of continuous action. Comparative table of the pair on the technical characteristics. подробнее
Construction of free-standing bath. A bath-house.
Our company provides services for the construction of a free-standing bath, the bath house. The work provided by our company to the customer can begin from the project bath house before its realization in life... подробнее
Celtic steam room
The curative effect of herbal oils and tinctures was known since the times when the Transcarpathian region was under the rule of the celtic tribes. Those tribes, the soldiers who had been kept in fear the whole of Europe, against which waged a continuous war Julius Caesar. During the treatment of the wounded warriors... подробнее
Egyptian steam room
The baths in Ancient Egypt were widely distributed and were in the role of the hospital, as almost all the diseases treated with the help of water. These baths have been available even a poor man... подробнее
Bath in yurts
In order to feel like a newborn, but not emaciated, grabs one hour. However, only a bath leisure here is not limited. As mentioned earlier, the principle of Ахметбека - ecologically pure relaxation and a complete cleansing of... подробнее
Carpathian bath
Carpathian bath - this is the result of mixing traditions of hungarians and slovaks, romanians and ukrainians, the celts and the dacia, hutsuls and rusyns, a kind of mixture of the heritage of all the peoples who inhabited the slopes of the... подробнее
Dacians steam room
Dacians, who for a long time lived in the Carpathian mountains, in their kupele use different natural stones. They believed that the stones remember everything that happened on this planet and in the Universe. Different stones have a different energy, and... подробнее
Dung steam room
Exotic option is dunghill steam room. Patient buried in a pile of dung in which it is located one and a half or two hours. For the cure of need 20 - 25 sessions. As a result of such procedures are... подробнее
Hutsul steam room
Feature of the life of hutsuls (one of ethnographic groups of ukrainians, who live in the mountainous part of the Ukrainian Carpathians, the method of farming, life in the mountains among the coniferous forests, where the cold season is longer than in other Ukrainian lands- all of this has led to the emergence of such a kind of phenomenon as hutsul bath... подробнее
African bath
In their rituals and mystical rituals of the peoples of Africa widely used water treatment works. The water here was considered sacred. In all countries, where there was sand, dug a hole in it for their body size, planted... подробнее
Mexican steam room
Traditional mexican bath is темаскаль. Even before the conquest as the place of atonement and the home of the clinic темаскаль used мапотеки, the aztecs, maya and mixtec. In the mexican bath took generations, carried out the tests of maturity... подробнее
The Georgian bath
On the territory of Georgia during the times of the ancient state of Urartu baths were built on the basis of the hot springs and possessed a natural steam. Attraction of Tbilisi ("warm city") have always been a sulphur thermal bath. Everyone who came to this town, sought to... подробнее
Icelandic steam room
Icelandic baths and pools are very similar to the Georgian, invented in natural hot springs. Water taken from these sources of heat homes and greenhouses, where they are grown even pineapples. The Capital of Iceland - Reykjavik, the most environmentally friendly city in the world... подробнее
The tibetan bath house
The experience of treatment of water of ancient tibetan doctors have always had a great interest in people. He heard in some of the most useful of a healing practice doctors of China and India. Usually, water treatment of different diseases is reduced to one - application of the... подробнее
Colombian steam room
However, the colombian bath service will be impressed by our people, but they can surprise anyone of Russian (Ukrainian) endurance and the familiarity of the couple in the bath and, in addition, be able to show the high art of the sauna massage... First, before you go to the steam room... подробнее
Sanarium. German and european steam room.
Sanarium, a sauna, it combines lightweight heat of the Finnish sauna and the cleansing steam humidity, which makes the feeling as if You are arriving in a tropical forest. It is characterized by the more easy for perception of the temperature regime and not so much humidity as Russian bath and... подробнее
The Finnish sauna is a kind of Russian baths
The Finnish sauna is a steam room, a sauna where there is a dry heat, this is when the air in the room has low humidity approximately from 10 C and up to 25 C and high temperature celsius in the range of 90 and до110 DEGREES. But in general, the Finnish sauna is a pair placement of Russian baths, which are designed for the preliminary warming up of... подробнее
A bath in a bag with birch leaves
On the basis of the basic options are used, and other options bath in a bag. The bag so you can fill various herbs, which have curative and curative effect on the human organism. The bag can score and hay. Such a bath is not only heat up the body, but also will give an unforgettable aroma of dry grass... Microclimate, which is formed in the bag only allows you to carry out the procedure... подробнее
Sand bath
The sand there should be a small and clean (without stones, clay, without impurities, sludge and algae, and, especially, without the "bulls" and debris- which, alas, often have a place in the crowded beaches in recreational areas). Psole what in the sand is excavated deepening; the length of it should be a man's height, and the width and depth of about half a meter. For two-three hours of sunlight good прогреют the bottom and the walls of this deepening... подробнее
Japanese bath - sento, furo, ofuro
For many centuries, so much popular in Japan, "сенто" practically has not undergone any radical changes. The walls of the rooms are traditionally decorate natural stone and cedar. Floor material is... подробнее
Alma-ata bath
alma-ata bath has several swimming facilities with different temperature of the air. The room from the outside and from the inside is decorated in oriental style, with a magnificent bright ornament on the walls and quaint molding on the ceilings of the interior. Huge room for the front door by marble tiles, marble-sun beds, full of hearing the songs and melodies... подробнее
Roman baths (thermae)
When the Roman empire flourished, somewhere in one of its colonies - Pompeii, built several roman baths (baths). At the same time in Rome built the unique water aqueducts, which could deliver a million cubic meters of water a day... подробнее
Turkish bath - hamam
Turkish bath - hamam, has a centuries-old history, which has appeared in the distant past. For some people the emergence of the Turkish bath is associated with the roman baths, which have not disappeared from the face of the earth with the destruction of the roman empire... подробнее
Alpine sauna
Most commonly used medicinal herbs in the steam bath and the sauna in the Alps, from thence, and came to us this fashion. Cosmetologists have noticed the medicinal effect of the cleanest on the ecology of alpine herbs, which contain many essential oils on the skin... подробнее
Smart bath.
The central part of the Smart house - this is an informational cable, which can link the managers and the managed devices. Managing the light in the bath can be carried out with each device (wall switch/touch panel/computer/control panel... подробнее
Bath in Russian. Operating instructions wood burning stove in the bath-white.
Hard to imagine a man, who does not like the bath. But to get a real pleasure, it is necessary to heat the bath... подробнее
A steam room. Operating instructions wood burning stove in the bath on-black.
Hard to imagine a man, who does not like the bath. But to get a real pleasure, it is necessary to heat the bath... подробнее
What is a smoke sauna for?
Many die-hard парильщики breathy tell each other about a wonderful pair in the bath on-black. And probably only a few people can boast about the fact that they managed to take a steam bath in the bath. Yes, it is now in our century of progress and technology such a bath is not found. But they are there and... подробнее
Steam room, sauna.
"He who in the sauna, in that day will not grow old". Visit bath procedures is accompanied by the improvement of all of Your body as a whole. The high temperature in the steam bath, the sauna resumes... подробнее
How long can I stay in the bath, sauna. Useful advice for the operation of the bath.
There is no need to as long as you can stay in the bath room. Instead of the rapid recovery of the processes happen перенагрузка mechanism теплорегуляции, after that - the sharp deterioration of conditions for the recovery processes. Is not permitted immediately after the попарился, sharply up from the lounger. It should be a little sit. In the bathhouse procedure is necessary... подробнее
The healing process of the body in the bath, the sauna.
The most important of the most common and useful means of the amendment of the organism in all nations is rightfully considered a steam room and a sauna. They work for both the prevention of respiratory, cardio-vascular diseases, as well as from... подробнее
A steam room. Type and category of the Russian steam room.
Build a bathhouse in the establishment of times you can be anyone who has had an adequate piece of land for the construction of baths. The decree 1649 prescribed "soap build in kitchen gardens and in the case of hollow places is not close to the chorus of"... подробнее
Bathing in the sauna. What to do if You went into the bath room for the first time?
1. You first need to warm up, then wash. 2. It will be useful, before a visit to the steam room, take a warm shower with clean water (2-3 min.). 3. Do not pour... подробнее
About Us
Our company has worked in the market of the construction of saunas and baths in Ukraine since 1998. The company specializes in the construction of saunas, baths, baths with a cast-iron vats, construction of bath complexes of any functionality. Our focus has moved into the mainstream of non-standard, complex and exclusive works on construction of baths, saunas, bath-houses with cast- iron vats and sauna complexes in recent years . We are working on the preparation of drawings and the planing of bath houses with entertaiments and bath with cast-iron vats. Our difference from competitors is an individual approach to each client and many years of experience in the construction of saunas, baths, bathhouses with cast-iron vats. подробнее
The history of baths and saunas
Bath procedures differ geography of origin, as well as by the process of evaporation. For each of the baths was a large number of traditions and rules, stories and recipes, the main objective of which was: to deliver a person in double room (bath and sauna) the indescribable satisfaction... подробнее
The rules of evaporation in the bath. Who is contraindicated adoption of bath-houses and saunas
Steam room and sauna is contraindicated all who have a clear manifestation of acute stages of all diseases, and also at high temperatures, which are caused by any inflammatory processes in one or another person, with exacerbation of chronic diseases with the increase of temperature. Contraindicated steam room and sauna as well... подробнее
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