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Roman baths (thermae)
Roman baths (thermae)

When the Roman empire flourished, somewhere in one of its colonies - Pompeii, built several roman baths (baths). At the same time in Rome built the unique water aqueducts, which could deliver a million cubic meters of water per day. The roman baths were built to service the different layers of inhabitants of Rome. Part of the baths was for the rich, the part of the democratic, for the simple people. Some of the bath, particularly public, offering services for virtually all segments of society. In the roman baths, baths, once попаришься and accept water procedures, used a variety of massages, special physical exercises, offered dishes and special drinks.

In order to wash the body of the terms used instead of soap, special ointments, they were made from the fat of animals. Dirt from the body removed with the help of chalk, pumice and the onion fly ash.

After the eruption of Vesuvius, well-preserved Стабиевы spas and baths помпейского forum. In the roman baths помпейского forum has always been necessary accommodations for the restoration of the organism from the gray of everyday life and could relax. It was the locker room, bath with warm water and hot water. Heating is via a central sewage system, due to the cunning devices and pipes, which were under the floor of the bath. In a separate room was a bronze brazier, it drowned specifically to air, which was a very hot passed through pipes warming the air in the steam bath. In the brazier was also a huge sink for washing hands and face quite warm water, in front of which there was a marble swimming pool. The entrance to the sauna for men and women in the different sides. Multiple male branch of the baths, the term: from the dressing room, hot bath, washing baths, warm bath, a cold room, swimming pool, sports hall, bronze brazier, pews, and the furnace for heating of the air and water. In the women's bath, too, were such premises. The interiors of the roman baths decorated with decorative plaster, tile, mosaic.

Стабиевы terms were the largest and most ancient in Pompeii. In the yard of the Стабиевых term is a huge swimming pool, indoor offices, умывальня, dressing room. In the official premises gypsum oils with sand, freeing the body from the dirt and sweat due to the special скребницы. On the edges of the pool was laid running water, made from lead pipes. In the heart of the complex was the heating system, but she was laid between male and female branches. Its constituent of the three cylindrical boilers with hot, warm and hot water, and the center of the heating system there was a stove.
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