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The tibetan bath house
The tibetan bath house

The experience of treatment of water of ancient tibetan doctors have always had a great interest in people. He heard in some of the most useful of a healing practice doctors of China and India. Usually, water treatment of different diseases is reduced to one - application of compresses and various baths.

Dug a pit depth of 50-70 cm in width 80cm, which give the opportunity is sitting in a pit of man in the body. At the bottom of starting a fire from birch wood. A little later throwing a couple of servings of birch sticks. Appeared coals, on which paved old bones, waiting until they догорят. On the resulting ashes put even a small pile of wood, and from the top of a pine, spruce or cedar.

After that the man sat down on the pine needles, it covered the head and began to soar, until he endured. After that he got out of the pit and lay отдахая up warm for the past 2 hours. After that, relax it dry rubbed himself and rubbed his diverse medicinal ointments, carrying out immediately massage of all body parts.
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