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Turkish bath - hamam
Turkish bath - hamam

Turkish bath - hamam, has a centuries-old history, which has appeared in the distant past. For some people the emergence of the Turkish bath is associated with the roman baths, which have not disappeared from the face of the earth with the destruction of the roman empire. In the bottom of the bath is heated hot air, due to extraction in the oven, under floor warmed room, which had depending on the longitudinal axis of the chimney.  In the Turkish bath is the hot room is located on the center and has, as a rule, the form of the octagon, to the parties which joined the bath - hot room, equipped with swimming pools. These buildings were without windows - light fell into them through the thick glass of the dome.

The first Turkish baths appeared in Constantinople, that's when it was conquered by the muslims, very soon, she sold out to the muslim countries, where they began to build massively. Acceptance is often a Turkish bath in a very warm climate of the East, a defense of muslims from various diseases. The basic system hamam became a spiritual and physical purification of the body. Another Turkish bath was considered in the East of the source of great pleasure for the body of man.

A century ago, the women's baths in the East constructed next to the men, on the basis of some of the major considerations. The location of the baths gave the opportunity to exploit the supply of water and heat from a single source. The inputs in the men's and women's saunas were closed. For women of Turkey, the adoption of bath procedures was a ritual, a part of their life, then they could communicate on business, sharing news, gossiped. Women went to the Turkish bath as something unusual for them - this is a holiday. They wore beautiful decoration, and took with them in the bath a variety of goodies... IN the bath they discussed the men, drinking coffee.

The staff of the bath as a rule was 5 man: the fireman; банщик; the minister, the input towels; a man who was responsible for the preparation of fuel and delivery of soft drinks.

Today's Turkish bath, consists of a large dressing room, a room with a cold barrel (vessel bowl-like form), a cold shower, hot wet steam rooms, which temperature of 40-60.C and interim room. The temperature of the air in the hammam, this is the basis of the distinctive features of this type of baths, it is not very hot and very suitable for people who can not tolerate the heat.

Turkish steam room very comfortable, luxurious, beautiful and rich in its mysterious oriental interior design stuff.
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