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Smart bath.
Integration of the space baths with the general system of the house.

Absolutely all the elements of a Smart home can be situated in the design of the bath rooms and only improve the appearance and functionality, giving a modern, vibrant and not forgotten hail bath with changing, depending on Your mood, views.

The central part of the Smart house - this is an informational cable, which can link the managers and the managed devices.
Managing the light in the bath can be carried out with each device (wall switch/touch panel/computer/control panel remote control) , you can just adjust the lighting (lighting and the amount of light) depending on the weather conditions, as well as to create the desired conditions. In the Clever house, intellectual building is also taken into account centralized off all sockets (but necessary) and light control in script mode (enable/disable). With Smart home and intelligent building may still and connection of the submarine, surface lighting, adjusting the brightness of the light on the ceiling. At the same time not be afraid of the circuit in the electrical system, as well as other troubles, connected with the fact, that in one room there are electricity and water.

Comfortable adjustment of the climate regime, so necessary in the bath, is carried out with the help of the functions of the zone climate control and modes of winter-summer-autumn-spring. Smart house allows to observe the temperature in an unlimited number of zones bath and manage climate with the central touch panel.
With the system of Smart home in the bath is available even such a function as a media server. Thanks to an Intelligent home You will have the possibility to broadcasting and transmission of audio and video on any number of premises bath. Multiroom lets you listen to music in any part of the Smart home. With its help You can bring the right atmosphere and diversify access to the sauna.

The System of Smart home can manage SIM-SIM - it is automatic and remote control open/close doors, curtains, blinds, elevators for the TV, locks, barriers, etc., it may also be connected with each системамой Smart homes, smart buildings.
Almost every electric actuator can be controlled from wall panels, touch screens, panels, which without wires, as well as remote control.
Smart home and intelligent building can also be set in the bath room burglar alarm, which will produce remote video monitoring over the condition of the house through the Internet or mobile phone. Can be carried out monitoring of the entire state of all sensors in the house and alert via SMS or on the phone about the non-standard situations in intelligent building. You can also manage system security alarm arming-disarming, management regimes) with touch panel or your computer.

Installation of video surveillance in the double room of the smart home and intelligent building - this is an opportunity to broadcasting and transmission of audio and video. This will allow You to truly relax and get real pleasure from visiting the bath rooms, saunas.

Management of the device.

The Management of Smart home and intelligent building can be carried out with the help of color touch screen in the wall, switches DLT , Neo , Saturn, portable console, from the tv screen or with the HTC.

When there are no cables, particularly important for bath rooms and all of this is due to the wireless network. All this will improve the design of the steam room and make it safer and more comfortable for парильщиков.

Scenarios control device.

Mobile form for creating scenarios of automatic and interactive control system Smart House with additional basic options. The scripts are easy to install, change and visually appear on the screens of system equipment Clipsal C-Bus. This is an opportunity of connection of light and sound with the aim of creating a certain atmosphere, for example climate scenario "moisturizing" - it is the inclusion of the humidifier and supply fan.

It is also possible to use scripts to create a certain atmosphere:

romance (on quieting the music provided for TV or DVD, is included script lighting, which changes after a time, begins to work flavoring, the effect of dawn or sunset);

the party (on the festive lighting, control of audio and video system, the creation of the "light performances").
Other equipment.

If You wish the system of Smart home and intelligent building for the bath, you can make some more functions, for example, set the tv or audio device to the wall for a better view images and listen to your favorite music. Technical function to locate leaks will allow You not to think about the small damage - system fix everything myself. In case of need, is the emergency shutdown of the heating system.
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