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Our works

As we build a bath "on-black"

Sauna in Boyarka

Electric and wood-burning sauna in Chapaevka

Wood-burning sauna in Romankovichi

Sauna electric in Irpen

Bath classical Russian on-black in with. Prokhorovka

Steam room, Russian classical-white

Hamam. Construction and assembly of the Turkish steam bath (hamam). Roman term.

Transcarpathian steam room. Bathing in a Tub or simply Chan.

Saunas, steam rooms, of which us under the force of

The project hamam, sketches, Turkish bath, roman thermal baths.

Bathing in a tub in Muscovy. Steam iron tub.

The project chan. Sketches and working drawings to the installation of the tub.

The design of the installation and operation chan

The project hamam. The design of Turkish bath (steam bath).

Building of saunas. The construction of baths. Project baths. The project of the sauna.

The project saunas, project baths. Lining of a waiting room. Wood heated sauna. Sauna on firewood.

Design and visualization are decorated with rest room in a private house. Working with wood.

Design, zoning and installation chan cast iron in Lviv

Installing chan iron and design, zoning.

Cast-iron font - kazan. As can be and in what version to install a bath with a cast iron tub.

Precast and cast-in - billboard sauna. Production and sale of saunas. Finished sauna.

The rules of the commissioning of mountable - and - dismountable saunas.

Steam room - white. Design and installation of saunas Russian. Oven Russian classical out of bricks.

Sauna on Osokorky. Simple sauna. The project of the sauna. The design of the sauna.

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