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Transcarpathian steam room. Bathing in a Tub or simply Chan.
Ukraine is not only the homeland of elephants. Ukraine can also proud of its folk bath - water bath in mineral water.

The history of its creation goes in is not very ancient times.

The first hydropathic establishment in Transcarpathia (para. Лумшоры) in built back in the 17th century (about 1600г). Mineral water in the village flows directly from a rock, this is used by local princes and merchants for the treatment of of its battered organisms.

In big wooden trough growing cold mineral water, and then with the help of the heated stones, the temperature reaches the desired level.  Then was cast two large cast iron chan, one of which now be in the Vienna museum, and the second at one of the local residents.
Organization of the process is very simple. The iron chan is filled with mineral water. Under him shall put away the fire. At the bottom of the vat fall flat river stones, for that would not burn hot bottom. And slowly the temperature rises up to 45-50 degrees. Chan is quite large (diameter 2.5 m, the depth of 0,8 m, the wall thickness from 40 up to 60 mm). Can the four of us feel quite comfortable. In two metres flows a small mountain river with ice-cold water. In her small dams that can be steep. The procedure takes not more than one hour. Very spectacular in the winter when there is snow and on the river bank in the ice. As you lie in the hot mineral water, drink tea infused with mountain herbs and honey.

In the water you can add, decoctions and infusions of herbs. You can put in the water a couple of bundles of fragrant herbs. And the procedure is not so rigid as if soaring in the traditional pair. Heating of the tissues of the body occurs at a deeper level and more evenly, щадяще. The heat capacity of water is much more than the air and does not require high temperatures.
In chan more relax, get the pleasure of contemplating the world of chan. Overtemperature - near the water reservoir with cold water. As a rule, two of the three waves in the tub with the subsequent dipping into the water takes place in one hour. And it happens so naturally, without violence on the body, which is already beginning to think about the betrayal of the traditional bath with a broom.

Water bath can not be compared with other types of baths. After her own or with the incomparable feeling, tingling, as needles, evenly throughout the body.
After several visits (in the back, and then into the river) there is a feeling that your muscles and bones replaced by new, more young. Body breathes health, and the nervous system is immersed in a state of complete relaxation and contemplation. Clearly, the hot mineral water cures the problems of the musculoskeletal system, and the contrast of cold water with a living river launches hiding mechanisms rejuvenation.

During the construction of the steam bath itself will require the construction of a font with the cooling water.
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