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Bath classical Russian on-black in with. Prokhorovka
Bath classical Russian on-black, was executed in the finished house from round timber, i.e., a log, a one-storied a detached house, in the garden area.. the Material used for this building was carefully selected by our specialists and used in the mounting of the bath rooms. Put the furnace in the period of 20 working days, the room was done in 30 days, with the carpenter's part. Used refractory bricks of manual manufacture on the Russian furnace for heating pair of the room. The material of the inner part of a bath out of the lining of lime high-grade, sun loungers as well исопользовали of lime without a hitch.

1. General data:
1.1. Pair the room is located in a log,
separately standing one-storey house, in the garden area.
1.2. Pair room belongs to the class - "black banya"
1.3. Heater - wood-burning stove without a chimney.
1.4. Smoke is produced through the hole in the ceiling. The draught of the
крышном the chimney - compulsory.
1.5. Ventilation of the surrounding premises -compulsory.
1.6. Ventilation pair placement of the natural inflow and
the outflow.
1.7. The floor in doubles room - terracotta tiles, electric floor heating
2. The heat load and fire safety measures.
2.1. The body of the kiln is separated from combustible constructions of heat-resistant
(persistent from the heat) material (basalt with foil), the total
thickness - 60mm, with a layer of contract, clay, full fabric
bricks, of a thickness 70mm, with ventilation layer.
2.2. The ceiling above the stove is protected by steel sheets, of a thickness
2mm, with a layer of up to combustible constructions of not less than 200mm.
2.3. In doubles room is fixed fire-extinguishing system,
dry pipe.
3. Компоновочное decision pair of the room.
3.1. Pair the room is executed in three levels.
3.2. The average regiment partially recedes.
3.3. The floor is protected by wooden, detachable planking.
4. Materials of constructions
4.1. Frame pair of the room is made of planed
pine beam.
4.2. Interior cladding - wall paneling "europrofile, by kind of tree -
4.3.Лежаки (shelves) are made of polished timber material
- lime- tree.
5. Constructions'manufacturing and installation
5.1. Frame pair of the room is independent, without
attaching to the walls of buildings.
5.2. Steam insulation pair of the room double, with a ceiling
the interval for the collection and subsequent disposal of smoke.
6. At the end of all works on installation of the pair of the room shall
be made inspection of the design of the furnace, boiler, roof and
made a test of the smoke neighboring premises.

Cherkasy region. Kaniv r-n, with. Prokhorovka.
Bath "on-black"
Инв. mean. Signature and date Instead of inv.
7. Maintenance and operation
7.1 Maintenance is reduced to periodic monitoring
the state of combustible construction. Checking the operation of the sensors
the temperature. When servicing the need to pay particular
attention to the state of inner plating pair of the room,
especially the part near the furnace.
7.2 a Thorough inspection of the design must be performed at least
two times a year.
7.3.Через every 4-5 years inner skin of pair of the room
to change.
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