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The construction of the baths of Russian classical-white on the wood
The construction of any of the bath process is very laborious and not so quick. The most important thing to decide that should come out in the end. What is the product You wish to receive.
In this case, we with the chief architect of the project have studied the main design objectives for about a month. Solve the following tasks:
-what temperature should keep the oven in doubles room
-retention time temperature
-how to adjust the temperature mode
-what should be the heat capacity of the furnace
-the time necessary for the preparation of the furnace and bath in general
"the withdrawal of smoke and methods of ventilation pair of the room
-fire-prevention measures and heat insulation
-design of the window in doubles room
-general layout pair of the room
-what kind of material installed on the lining of the walls and the ceiling around the furnace
-from what wood is better to make the carpenter part of the steam room
-the design of the room

As a result of joint work with the architect, expert on the SPA massage and professional парильщиком-masseur have developed terms of reference:

-working temperature in the steam room should be in the range of 80-100
-the temperature on the stones of the furnace - a 350-450 DEGREES
-time working process without compromising the quality of a pair of not less than 4 hours
-adjustment of the air heating steam ensure, by means of two dampers in the oven (if necessary forced to put positive pressure)
-heat capacity of the furnace should be not less than 300кВт thermal energy
-time for the preparation of the furnace and a steam bath after a long idle - not less than 5 hours.
( furnace fire, ventilation, cleaning of the premises from the soot)
-the time of preparation of the furnaces of the steam room the next day after протопки - not less than 3 hours.
-removal of smoke in the process of heating is carried out through the chimney specially insulated, for protection from condensate, as well as fire.
-ceiling above the oven, fully made of fireproof material, namely sheet metal stainless steel, polished, or may be matt. Heat insulation and fire-fighting cuts to do with double standards.
-the window size 600x600, tempered glass, heat-resistant with a snap and seals.
-layout - the main regiment length not less than 2.5 m, width-0,9m.
-wood-stopped on the domestic breed of tree - linden.

Like any bath, we began to build on the stove, in the sense started manufacture of oven and adjacent structures. The furnace itself is made of refractory bricks SHA-5. Put it in a clay solution. The walls and the lining of the furnace fulfilled and облицовывали of изразца production of the kiev factory. Very expressive texture of the израцка and style, as for the classics.
Set one cauldron for cold water (capacity 120l;) next to the furnace, for timely water supply to pair the room. The walls of the brick warmed camp - 50mm basalt. Ceiling - 200mm basalt. Brought thermometers as inside the pair of the room and on the external side of the bath, over the doors, as well as for the few, not to overheat the classical bath-on-white.
With the long промучились. Could not for a long time to choose the necessary accessories.
On the general layout is the layout is very simple, like the classic steam room. The main thing that would have been easy.

The construction took quite a long time (2 months). Test - 2 weeks.
As a result the customer got what wanted - a real classic bath "-white" with its unique color, smells, and on modern technologies (beautiful, convenient and practical).
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