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Bathing in a tub in Muscovy. Steam iron tub.
On the territory of muscovy, men have always been drawn to the extreme in the sauna. Not only that, invented a bath "on-black", so here's another thing udumali. Hung a large тонкостенное trough on the chains to the logs and burning the wood beneath him. Hanging on chains in the pot, for you flame, smoke, the crackling of wood. From the bottom warming. Chan rocking around the smoke. Great!
Yes and get to it especially when gets hot, quickly out of it pop out - it's really extreme. Try to get into the small boat, standing on the water, and quickly leave her. The feeling is very similar. To say and nothing to add.

Our way of torturing themselves in a vat, a few nobler, less extreme and very comfortable.
Cast-iron, massive ( 2,5t) chan rigidly fixed. It has convenient approaches to boot my precious body in the tub and convenient his leaving for plunging into the cold water. The smoke and hot air is discharged in a detached (remote) the chimney.
At the bottom of a fit with flat stones, more heat capacity and hygienic. The temperature in the tank is controlled by the addition of cold water and destruction of hot. Therefore, a session of evaporation can happen for a long time.
 When загружаешься in the back, felt his solidity, reliability, strength and have the confidence in tomorrow's day, and not only... from Time to Time chan is abandoned for plunging into the icy water.
While in the tub, you can conveniently sit, hand on the rail or just to sit down. Bathe his feet. Put next to herbal tea with honey or something else, strong and unusually delicious.
Close to the stool and sun loungers, where you can relax, relax.
Conveniently leave chan, sit, lie down or take a dip in the icy water. And back loaded in the back.
 Convenient, safe and a damn nice.
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