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Japanese bath - sento, furo, ofuro
Japanese bath - sento, furo, ofuro
   The japanese attach a regular bathing in the hot water of the same value, as the ceremony of tea. In recent years, the popularity of japanese bathhouse has increased sharply and in Europe. The japanese share a traditional smoke sauna on the "sento" (the public), "ofuro" (home) and "furo" (based on thermal springs).

The traditional procedure "sento" has several stages. At first the man sits down in a wooden barrel with warm (35 deg) the water - "furako, "then переберается in a font with more hot water (45 degrees), after which falls into the container with warm sawdust rich variety of essential oils. The following procedure is lying on the hot gravel (45 degrees) rendering-heating and massage effect. Ends the procedure of japanese bathhouse adoption of a refreshing shower, after which the visitor is dressed in a robe and proceeds to the tea ceremony.

   For many centuries, so much popular in Japan, "сенто" practically has not undergone any radical changes. The walls of the rooms are traditionally decorate natural stone and cedar. Floor material is - quartzite. For a japanese bath necessarily presence of the aquarium, as well as the flower garden with energy plants. Of the new technology is used, except that, ceiling, simulating a starry sky. Sometimes wooden barrels replace купелями, accommodates up to eight people. Before these mini-pools there are small десятилитровые basins to wash before entering the bath, because it is considered a sacred place. In this pool visitor can take a dip only after a shower or окатывания water from the pelvis.

After relaxing in the pool is followed by a massage with special hard gloves with the use of sea salt gluten. Then the visitor again goes to the swimming pool for relaxation of body, then wipe and placed on a soft couch for a half-hour of rest.
   Has no small number of their fans and "furo". Often the water is so hot that even accustomed to the hot baths japanese diluted with cold water from a standing side by side, wooden barrels. Just as in the "sento" here be sure to use pre-washing. Immersed in the hot water did not immediately. First, sit down on the edge of the bath, and poured himself small amounts of water. After the little body gets used to fall in the pool with hot water.

The home version of the bath "ofuro" includes a wooden box or a small pool of water, heated to 45 degrees, as well as a couple of benches inside, in order to during the procedure, you can relax. Take ofuro daily for five minutes, approximately between six and seven o'clock in the evening, when the body requires rest and relieve fatigue.

The japanese believe the adoption of hot baths and related procedures the cure for many ailments, such as: obesity, kidney disease, rheumatism, neurological disorders and other

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